Favorite things for a newborn

Posted on July 06, 2017 by Mint & Me

We recently welcomed our second daughter into the world and I have quickly remembered all the awesome things that I loved with bubba number 1. I thought I would make a list of some of my fav's for all those new mummies out there.

- Waterwipes so handy to take out and about in the early day and they are 99.9% water with no chemicals. I just pick them up at Coles (they are a bit exy so I wait until they are on special and stock up);

- Lambskin booties form nature baby are the bomb as they actually stay on the little ones feet.....I am yet to find another pair of booties/socks that stay on like these (and look so cute!)

- Baby massage oil from jurlique smells beautiful and is so nice after a bath best of all they leave your hands smelling divine;

- Both my babies suffered from blocked tear ducts and I found little eyes baby wipes to be ideal for taking out of the house;

- Black and white baby books like this one by Kate Love will have your baby mesmerised - I leave it next to our bubba's playmat and she loves staring at it. 

- Hand sanitiser comes with me everywhere - my favourite on the go hand sanitiser is this one from Thank-you

- With my first bubba it took me a few weeks to become addicted to the love to dream swaddles this time I took a few to hospital and have used them since day one. I love them as I sucked at effectively swaddling my first baby she always seemed to get her arms out and would then wake up. Whilst a bit of an investment for me they have been worth every cent!

- Finally, our spotty pink playmat comes with us everywhere, from the beach to a friends floor it is always useful and washes beautifully in the washing machine. Best of all it comes in an awesome calico bag that can easily be stuffed under the pram.

I hope you find this useful and would love to hear what your favourite baby products are.....

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The Ups and Downs of Childcare!

Posted on April 01, 2017 by Mint & Me

Being a working parent definitely has its ups and downs but I never really realised just how up and down it would be for my baby too!

My one year old daughter attends daycare three days a week (or at least that is what she is enrolled in)....

Since she started six months ago we think she has missed around 50% of childcare days (which we still have to pay for) as she has pretty much caught everything there is to catch! (Currently she is sick in bed with gastro as I write this).

Friends warned me of this, however we really only thought there would be just a few coughs and runny noses.  We thought that the value of childcare from an educational, financial (compared to the higher cost of a nanny) and social viewpoint would outweigh the negatives about kids getting sick. 

So far the tally goes like this:

Conjunctivitis sits on top of the ladder with 6 bouts so far.

Gastro is a close second on 5

Hand foot and mouth on 1

We have lost count on the common cold and fever front - but we would probably be averaging 1 of these every 3 weeks!

We do really love the childcare, as does my daughter (she gets excited when we walk through the doors), however sometimes it has been pretty hard given the constant sicknesses!  We have had to juggle around babysitters and work arrangements when she is unable to go to childcare, which is made easier by the fact that we have many relatives living in close proximity.  There is also the constant washing and re-washing sheets & toys, steralising everything in sight, and wrapping our little one in warm blankets which helps make her feel much better.

The only upside I guess is that most are pretty minor illnesses in the scheme of things and don't tend to last very long - and we are sure her immunity will improve over time so the absent days will become much fewer.  Hopefully it isn't too long until our daughter will be able to get back in the playground with the other children, and enjoy all of the fun activities that the childcare offers!







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One year old birthday party!

Posted on June 15, 2016 by Mint & Me

As my baby approaches her first birthday we seem to have a new weekend past time "one year old birthdays" and boy do they go give 21sts a run for their money. Last weekend I was invited to a first year olds birthday party which no kidding was one of the best party I have ever been to.

We walked into the party and it just blew our minds – Moet on arrival, oysters, a lolly bar, waiters, photographers, lots of people in super stylish clothes! It was amazing!

There really were children everywhere....which made for an even more fun afternoon. There were playmats with toys in the lounge room not to mention a a full size ball pit (which I was very tempted to go in but thought I was 30 years too old). Also dotted around the house were little coloring stations where tables were set up with crayons and textas in every color imaginable. A childs (and adults) dream come true.

As the party was in the afternoon, the birthday girl was asleep for most of it, however when she woke up the most beautiful cake came out – a rainbow cake with colorful meringues. Just phenomenal! It really did give the Australian Women’s Weekly birthday cakes a run for their money. I wished I was the birthday girl as the present table had the best selection of presents in every shape and style and quite a few bags from some of my favorite children’s wear shops – Seed Heritage , Country Road and Hello Willow.

As my daughters first birthday approaches I am now thinking I need to start planning her party now!! At the very least find a creative cake so by the time my little one is old enough to criticize my cooking ill have a few practice runs up my sleeve!

Happy partying!


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Balancing it all

Posted on June 02, 2016 by Mint & Me

No one can prepare you for transitioning back to work. I found that it was liberating being able to buy a coffee without juggling a toddler but I also couldn't help thinking about my baby at home and kept wondering what she was up to.

The days are long, by the time you have got yourself prepared and child ready it feels like hours have gone by. Getting to work is an achievement and the evenings can feel like a marathon (don't get me wrong I treasure every second with my child!). Whilst I love the challenge at work and the interaction with people it is all a delicate balancing act. Over the last few months I have learnt some time savers so I can maximise the time with my bubba;

- Hire a cleaner, ours comes once a fortnight and does the deep clean. It is wonderful coming home to a clean house and I don't have to waste time continuously cleaning. We are currently happy with our cleaner we found at Bizzi Beez.

- Do a cook up - on the weekend I cook a few meals for the baby and freeze them in ice cubs so I can easily defrost as my baby is starving when we get home. Check out the Annabel Karmel website for some awesome recipes for all ages.

- Get a few prepared meals to fill up the week. There are so many options around these days experiment and see which one works best for you. Some ideas to trial are Hello Fresh,  Two Pounds and Marley Spoon

- Finally, make sure you sleep when you have the opportunity. For weeks I was staying up trying to tidy the house and get work ready for the following day and found that I spiralled into a grumpy mummy (and nothing is worse then this!)

Just remember you are not alone - good luck amazing mummy's xxx



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Time Just Disappears with a Newborn!

Posted on May 15, 2016 by Mint & Me

Where does time disappear to when you have a newborn?  It seems as though from the time you wake up that the sun just rises and sets within a minute.  In comparison, I cant believe how long the day took when sitting behind a computer all day tapping on the keyboard. Has someone just pressed the fast forward button on me?
Since having my first child I now understand a few things:
1) Newborns take up a lot of time.
2) It is very difficult to think or do much that doesn't involve your newborn particularly in the first few months.
3) Nobody ever told me how much you have to feed a newborn.
4) Despite these above points, babies are the best thing that will ever happen to you and it is amazing just how much you can love someone. You want to do everything you can for that new little person in your life and spend all day with them.  A minute away from them feels like a lifetime.
But back to my opening queries - where does the time go?  As soon as I get up, the day pans out like this: feed, steralise, change nappy, clean, feed, change nappy, feed, change nappy, wash clothes, change nappy, feed, steralise, change nappy, disinfect, feed, change nappy, feed, sleep, feed, clean, change, feed, sleep. 
I feel like I have become a machine who is now obsessed with cleaning.  I seem to be cleaning my newborns sheets, blankets and clothes multiple times a day.  The washing machine is on constant spin, cleansing any speckle of dust that may have settled whilst the vacuum was churning away.  I only used to wash my own sheets once a week (if lucky) so unsure how and why I am so crazy about washing for my newborn.  If my baby even looks at an item I feel like I need to clean it to make sure it is in pristine condition for my darling little one.  So apart from becoming an endless feeding machine I have also become a 24 hour Laundromat. 
My husband must think I do nothing every day, and trust me, when I take a step back and do a recap of my busy schedule to him every night when he gets home from a busy day at work it does seem difficult to justify how I have spent the last 10 hours.  I was far too busy to even contemplate going to the supermarket, still haven't had a shower, and my husband has definitely won the lottery if dinner is prepared and on the table!
Being a new mother is a full-time job, and I now have so much respect for all of those mothers out there, especially my own one!  Even though time just flies it is the most satisfying job there is, and I'm sure it will get easier and I will become less uptight with cleaning the further we go on our mothering way.

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The negativity surrounding sleep and babies!

Posted on May 03, 2016 by Mint & Me

"Oooo when are you due?" 3 weeks I reply.  "Oooo poor you. You'd better sleep now as you will never sleep again!".  

Thanks, that is just what I need at 37 weeks pregnant with a mini person swimming around in my tummy, and are already terrified (and excited) about how I am possibly going to bring my first child into the world.

What is it with the negativity that swirls around about your impending child and that you will never sleep again?  Or the negativity about how much your birth will hurt and that you will never be the same again?  

I want to share a little story with you.  Just two weeks before my due date a man, and yes, I highlight the fact that it was a middle aged male, stopped me in the street and said to me "just letting you know that I have experienced it...the is horrific".  Okkk! I thought to myself, thanks for the encouragement!!  I asked him whether it was a normal birth and if the baby and mother were healthy - he said both were absolutely fine and the birth went smoothly.  So as I walked away questions started to consume my head - How was it that painful for you? Could this whole childbirth thing really be that bad? How come it was so bad for the man? How do women ever go through it more than once?   

I thought I'd wait to reserve judgement until I could form my own opinion.  

A couple of weeks later I went into labour, and yes, it did hurt, but luckily for me a friend recommended I hire a tens machine which was very effective at reducing labour pains, and I was fortunate to have the choice of pain management options when I arrived in the hospital.   I was absolutely fine - and believe me, I'm a pretty big chicken when it comes to anything that involves needles, hospitals or blood.  I got through the birth and although I found the breastfeeding very difficult to start with, and the relentless and constant feeding schedule (that nobody ever told me about) pretty tiring, we did get through those early weeks relatively unscathed.   

Now onto the sleep front.  I think it tired me out more being constantly asked about how I was sleeping and coping with a newborn.  Yes, getting up in the middle of the night wasn't my favourite time to feed, particularly being woken up when you are in that fully relaxed deep sleep when you can hardly lift a limb.  However, without the pressure of doing much the next day (I was lucky enough to be able to take some time off work) it really is do-able and doesn't last forever.  Lets also not forget that the more hours you spend awake, the more time you can stare at your beautiful little bundle that you have brought into the world.  

Maybe we were lucky as the 2-3 hour sleeping blocks slowly spread to about 4 hour blocks by about 10 weeks, then 5 to 6 hours by about 14 weeks.  By about 4-5 months we were getting a decent sleep again.  I know this doesn't happen for everybody, however there really is light at the end of the tunnel.  I promise that you will sleep again, and it is amazing how your body is able to adapt to different coping mechanisms with very little sleep. 

Just hang in there! x

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Mothers Day - What To Get Mum?

Posted on April 27, 2016 by Mint & Me


Mums are awesome. Each year I struggle to find a gift for my mum, she does so much for me that a gift just doesn’t seem to do her justice.

Now that I am a mum I realise that the privilege of being a mum is really enough. That being said, I still always love to buy my mum something to acknowledge how great she is. I have discussed with friends what they believe are some of the nicest mothers day gifts are.  Here is what they came up with;

  • Breakfast in bed - check out  kidspot for some excellent food ideas for mum
  • Flowers or a pot plant - we love the selection of pots at Fenton and Fenton 
  • Cook her some biscuits or a cake - as a child my favourite recipe book for biscuits was the Womens Weekly. The have a wonderful variety of biscuits to impress mum.
  • A Massage or a mania and pedi - Endota Spa offer some wonderful packages for mums.
  • Gold Class Movie tickets or tickets to see her favourite band - check out Village cinema to buy passes online.
  • A high tea experience - you can't go past the Langham Hotel to treat mum 
  • A photo frame with a picture of you (and your siblings/children etc) - we love the range at Country Road
  • A tea pot with some tea, T2 always have a bright and cheerful range of accessories and a wonderful variety of teas
  • A cooking class - the Queen Victoria Market cooking school is worth a look
  • A warm scarf as we head into winter - Seed currently have a great range in store.
  • Gorgeous homewares such as knitted throws from Hunting For George 
  • And Last (but definitely not least) why not buy mum one of our stylish teething necklaces?

We hope you have a wonderful mothers day!

Mint and me xx


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