Time Just Disappears with a Newborn!

Posted on May 15, 2016 by Mint & Me

Where does time disappear to when you have a newborn?  It seems as though from the time you wake up that the sun just rises and sets within a minute.  In comparison, I cant believe how long the day took when sitting behind a computer all day tapping on the keyboard. Has someone just pressed the fast forward button on me?
Since having my first child I now understand a few things:
1) Newborns take up a lot of time.
2) It is very difficult to think or do much that doesn't involve your newborn particularly in the first few months.
3) Nobody ever told me how much you have to feed a newborn.
4) Despite these above points, babies are the best thing that will ever happen to you and it is amazing just how much you can love someone. You want to do everything you can for that new little person in your life and spend all day with them.  A minute away from them feels like a lifetime.
But back to my opening queries - where does the time go?  As soon as I get up, the day pans out like this: feed, steralise, change nappy, clean, feed, change nappy, feed, change nappy, wash clothes, change nappy, feed, steralise, change nappy, disinfect, feed, change nappy, feed, sleep, feed, clean, change, feed, sleep. 
I feel like I have become a machine who is now obsessed with cleaning.  I seem to be cleaning my newborns sheets, blankets and clothes multiple times a day.  The washing machine is on constant spin, cleansing any speckle of dust that may have settled whilst the vacuum was churning away.  I only used to wash my own sheets once a week (if lucky) so unsure how and why I am so crazy about washing for my newborn.  If my baby even looks at an item I feel like I need to clean it to make sure it is in pristine condition for my darling little one.  So apart from becoming an endless feeding machine I have also become a 24 hour Laundromat. 
My husband must think I do nothing every day, and trust me, when I take a step back and do a recap of my busy schedule to him every night when he gets home from a busy day at work it does seem difficult to justify how I have spent the last 10 hours.  I was far too busy to even contemplate going to the supermarket, still haven't had a shower, and my husband has definitely won the lottery if dinner is prepared and on the table!
Being a new mother is a full-time job, and I now have so much respect for all of those mothers out there, especially my own one!  Even though time just flies it is the most satisfying job there is, and I'm sure it will get easier and I will become less uptight with cleaning the further we go on our mothering way.

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