Balancing it all

Posted on June 02, 2016 by Mint & Me

No one can prepare you for transitioning back to work. I found that it was liberating being able to buy a coffee without juggling a toddler but I also couldn't help thinking about my baby at home and kept wondering what she was up to.

The days are long, by the time you have got yourself prepared and child ready it feels like hours have gone by. Getting to work is an achievement and the evenings can feel like a marathon (don't get me wrong I treasure every second with my child!). Whilst I love the challenge at work and the interaction with people it is all a delicate balancing act. Over the last few months I have learnt some time savers so I can maximise the time with my bubba;

- Hire a cleaner, ours comes once a fortnight and does the deep clean. It is wonderful coming home to a clean house and I don't have to waste time continuously cleaning. We are currently happy with our cleaner we found at Bizzi Beez.

- Do a cook up - on the weekend I cook a few meals for the baby and freeze them in ice cubs so I can easily defrost as my baby is starving when we get home. Check out the Annabel Karmel website for some awesome recipes for all ages.

- Get a few prepared meals to fill up the week. There are so many options around these days experiment and see which one works best for you. Some ideas to trial are Hello Fresh,  Two Pounds and Marley Spoon

- Finally, make sure you sleep when you have the opportunity. For weeks I was staying up trying to tidy the house and get work ready for the following day and found that I spiralled into a grumpy mummy (and nothing is worse then this!)

Just remember you are not alone - good luck amazing mummy's xxx



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