One year old birthday party!

Posted on June 15, 2016 by Mint & Me

As my baby approaches her first birthday we seem to have a new weekend past time "one year old birthdays" and boy do they go give 21sts a run for their money. Last weekend I was invited to a first year olds birthday party which no kidding was one of the best party I have ever been to.

We walked into the party and it just blew our minds – Moet on arrival, oysters, a lolly bar, waiters, photographers, lots of people in super stylish clothes! It was amazing!

There really were children everywhere....which made for an even more fun afternoon. There were playmats with toys in the lounge room not to mention a a full size ball pit (which I was very tempted to go in but thought I was 30 years too old). Also dotted around the house were little coloring stations where tables were set up with crayons and textas in every color imaginable. A childs (and adults) dream come true.

As the party was in the afternoon, the birthday girl was asleep for most of it, however when she woke up the most beautiful cake came out – a rainbow cake with colorful meringues. Just phenomenal! It really did give the Australian Women’s Weekly birthday cakes a run for their money. I wished I was the birthday girl as the present table had the best selection of presents in every shape and style and quite a few bags from some of my favorite children’s wear shops – Seed Heritage , Country Road and Hello Willow.

As my daughters first birthday approaches I am now thinking I need to start planning her party now!! At the very least find a creative cake so by the time my little one is old enough to criticize my cooking ill have a few practice runs up my sleeve!

Happy partying!


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