Favorite things for a newborn

Posted on July 06, 2017 by Mint & Me

We recently welcomed our second daughter into the world and I have quickly remembered all the awesome things that I loved with bubba number 1. I thought I would make a list of some of my fav's for all those new mummies out there.

- Waterwipes so handy to take out and about in the early day and they are 99.9% water with no chemicals. I just pick them up at Coles (they are a bit exy so I wait until they are on special and stock up);

- Lambskin booties form nature baby are the bomb as they actually stay on the little ones feet.....I am yet to find another pair of booties/socks that stay on like these (and look so cute!)

- Baby massage oil from jurlique smells beautiful and is so nice after a bath best of all they leave your hands smelling divine;

- Both my babies suffered from blocked tear ducts and I found little eyes baby wipes to be ideal for taking out of the house;

- Black and white baby books like this one by Kate Love will have your baby mesmerised - I leave it next to our bubba's playmat and she loves staring at it. 

- Hand sanitiser comes with me everywhere - my favourite on the go hand sanitiser is this one from Thank-you

- With my first bubba it took me a few weeks to become addicted to the love to dream swaddles this time I took a few to hospital and have used them since day one. I love them as I sucked at effectively swaddling my first baby she always seemed to get her arms out and would then wake up. Whilst a bit of an investment for me they have been worth every cent!

- Finally, our spotty pink playmat comes with us everywhere, from the beach to a friends floor it is always useful and washes beautifully in the washing machine. Best of all it comes in an awesome calico bag that can easily be stuffed under the pram.

I hope you find this useful and would love to hear what your favourite baby products are.....

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