The Ups and Downs of Childcare!

Posted on April 01, 2017 by Mint & Me

Being a working parent definitely has its ups and downs but I never really realised just how up and down it would be for my baby too!

My one year old daughter attends daycare three days a week (or at least that is what she is enrolled in)....

Since she started six months ago we think she has missed around 50% of childcare days (which we still have to pay for) as she has pretty much caught everything there is to catch! (Currently she is sick in bed with gastro as I write this).

Friends warned me of this, however we really only thought there would be just a few coughs and runny noses.  We thought that the value of childcare from an educational, financial (compared to the higher cost of a nanny) and social viewpoint would outweigh the negatives about kids getting sick. 

So far the tally goes like this:

Conjunctivitis sits on top of the ladder with 6 bouts so far.

Gastro is a close second on 5

Hand foot and mouth on 1

We have lost count on the common cold and fever front - but we would probably be averaging 1 of these every 3 weeks!

We do really love the childcare, as does my daughter (she gets excited when we walk through the doors), however sometimes it has been pretty hard given the constant sicknesses!  We have had to juggle around babysitters and work arrangements when she is unable to go to childcare, which is made easier by the fact that we have many relatives living in close proximity.  There is also the constant washing and re-washing sheets & toys, steralising everything in sight, and wrapping our little one in warm blankets which helps make her feel much better.

The only upside I guess is that most are pretty minor illnesses in the scheme of things and don't tend to last very long - and we are sure her immunity will improve over time so the absent days will become much fewer.  Hopefully it isn't too long until our daughter will be able to get back in the playground with the other children, and enjoy all of the fun activities that the childcare offers!







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